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Home & Kitchen

Style Your Home Your Way For Less

Does your home reflect your style? Have you invested as much time and energy into home decor as your wardrobe? Don’t worry if you haven’t. In fact, good for you. Your home should be your retreat or a special place to let the walls down and be you. Creating a stylish abode can be easy and affordable when you choose to shop for home accessories at Costco. We do the searching and bargaining to get you the hottest home trends at the best prices.

Homewares for All Your Rooms

Take your time as you peruse our catalogue of interior home décor items. Do you have a wall demanding to be a focal point of the room? Explore our complete selection of art and accent pieces to add that extra flourish to your space. You can quickly spruce up a room with blinds and curtains. Make a statement while controlling light and possibly lowering energy costs. Toss some carefully picked throw pillows on your couch for a splash of colour and comfort. Before you know it, your room will be the perfect escape from a hectic day.

The Kitchen Gadgets You Need and Want

Canadians spend a significant amount of time each week prepping meals, cooking and cleaning. Make sure your time and energy is well spent by having the best kitchen equipment and supplies. Having a mixer or blender will help you create delicious sauces. For those days packed with meetings and family activities, a slow cooker will have everyone sitting down for a wholesome meal without added stress. Don’t forget the beautiful serving dishes that will take your no-effort meal to a whole new level.

Linens, Beddings And Everything Soft

Kitchen supplies and home décor elements are just some of the essentials that make your house a home. The plush, soft, luxurious feel of bedding and linens makes it hard to leave the house while welcoming you home from a long day. Pick from bright colours to spice up a drab room or choose neutral tones to accent an already bright room. Add that final touch to your room with a great accent rug. Installing new carpet can be costly and timely, making a rug the perfect substitute.

Your Space Should Reflect You

You don’t have to be an interior designer to have a stylish home. All you need is you. Before you start shopping, imagine what statement you want your space to make. Write down a few colours you love. Pick a single element that you want to showcase. Use all of these details to guide you towards the home design you have always wanted. Don’t be shy; be bold and brave in your choices. Before you know it, all of your friends and family will want to hang out at your chic abode.