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Appliances Designed to Simplify Life

From the time we rise until we crash back into our beds our to-do lists grow and grow. Juggling cooking, laundry, cleaning, and staying comfortable can become all-consuming in the wake of family, friends, and work. How do we survive and thrive? We invest in great appliances. Technology has given us the tools to rise above and get the equipment we need to streamline chores and free us up to live our best lives.

Costco understands the struggle which is why we offer a vast selection of appliances. You can choose from the most popular refrigerators with the best bells and whistles. Are you looking for a central hub refrigerator that connects to your smart devices? We’ve got you covered. Do you need a stove big enough to feed your extended family during the holidays? You’ll find one you love. Is your washing machine on its last leg? Then get ready to celebrate as you find the machine you need at the great prices you’ve come to expect from us.

Choose Appliances That Fit Your Style

Today’s appliance manufacturers know that we have moved past the white and almond coloured equipment trend in our homes. We desire splashes of colour. We demand smooth, glossy, metal finishes that reflect our style. We want technology that makes cleaning and cooking easier, faster, and frankly more fun. Gratefully, manufacturers have stepped up and given us a vast selection. In fact, buying an appliance can be a bit overwhelming.

How can you make the shopping process easier? Start with a list of must-haves. Write down all of the functions you need your new machine to do. Then, write down all of the items you want. Do you want your equipment to be colourful just like your personality? Write it down. Now work through your need and want lists to find the option that best fits within your budget.

Size Is Everything

When you are ready to get serious about your appliance shopping in Canada, you have to consider size. The size of the space that items like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and even washers and dryers occupy in many cases is finite. The room between a cabinet and your refrigerator can’t change without a major kitchen remodel. It’s critical that you consider the size of the appliances and the space in your home.

When measuring your equipment make sure to check the height, width, and depth or length of the piece you are replacing. While a refrigerator may be the same width as your previous appliance, you may find that it’s too deep and sticks out way past your countertops. Taking the time to measure, measure, and measure one more time will go a long way towards making sure you get the right machine.

Best Deals on Appliances

Now that you are ready to buy the perfectly stylish, sized, appliance the fun begins. Check out our complete catalogue to find that perfect machine. When you buy with Costco, your purchase comes with all the extras to simplify your life. We offer a two-year manufacturer warranty and free technical support. Don’t forget Executive Members get a 2% reward with every purchase. Now that you know all you need to start your appliance shopping the fun begins. Happy hunting!